The Fat Girl Who Grew Up to Be a Swan

The remarkable story of nurse Theresa Bowick, who leads Conkey Cruisers

Coca-Cola Controversy

Is Exercising More or Eating Less Better for Weight Loss?

True Grit 

Churchville mayor continues public duties despite cancer diagnosis

Meet Your Doctor:

Nancy M. Bennet, MD

Director of Center of Community Health devoted to helping people control their blood pressure

Rochester General & Unity Health

Several hospital mergers around the country have failed but local officials say the largest merger between hospitals in Rochester, which occurred last year, is here to stay

  Back to School  

Tips for Keeping Your Children Injury-Free During Fall Sports

Physicians in the division of sports medicine at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center say preparation before the first day of practice is critical in helping to reduce the risk of injury.

Caffeine Drinks: Bad for Kids

Among other problems resulting from intake or caffeinated drinks are dehydration and rapid heartbeat

School Starts Too Early for Teens, CDC Says

School start times that are too early can contribute to lack of sleep among teens, most of whom don’t get the recommended 8.5 to 9.5 hours of shut-eye, the report said.

Home School Phys Ed

YMCA and other organizations offer physical education to those studying at home

New Law Allows Students to Self-Manage Diabetes At School
This year, thanks to a new state law, children will be permitted to carry diabetes supplies and self-manage their diabetes at school and at any school function.

  Men’s Helath  

Men, Too, Are Affected by Eating Disorders

One-third of the approximately 30 million people struggling with eating disorders are men

Does Testosterone Improve Men’s Sex Lives?

In the study, about 150 men age 60 and older were given daily testosterone supplements, and another 150 took a placebo.

A Conversation with Joseph DiPoala, Jr.

New president of Monroe County Medical Society stresses need for more cooperation between providers, patients

The Healing Power of Horses

The Rochester area offers several facilities that partner horses to help people — and many have found relief in working with the animals

Savvy Senior

Jim Miler discusses “Medicare Options for Retirees Who Travel”

Live Alone & Thrive

Gwenn Voelckers on “The Healing Power of Forgiveness”

Smart Bites

Anne Palumbo gives “More Reasons to Gobble Up Chicken”

Pregnacy Diaries

Jessica Gaspar “The Joys of Pregnancy”

Healthcare in a Minute

George W. Chapman takes a hard look at today’s medical issues