Crash Injuries

More 2.5 million people ended up in the ER in 2012.

Live in Upstate? You’re More Likely to Get the Flu: Study

Finger Lakes residents, however, are among the least likely to develop the flu in the region

My Journey to Lose Weight

A newspaper reporter shares his experience trying to lose weight

Meet Your Doctor:  Jennifer H. Anolik

Working to find new treatments for rheumatoid arthritis, lupus

 All Natural, Organic, Certified Organic, Non-GMO

Confused with all the food labels in the grocery store? You’re not alone

  Golden Years  

Number of Adults with Developmental Disabilities Grows, Creates New Challenges

In 1970 only 11 percent of adults with intellectual disabilities were over age 55. That figure is expected to be 22 percent by 2040

Can Human Growth Hormone Reverse Aging?

Experts: HGH not the fountain of youth

Study Shows Senior Stroke Rates Declining

Seniors in the United States are suffering fewer strokes, regardless of their race or sex, a new long-term study reveals.

Don’t Slip, It’s Fall!

Wet leaves and that occasional sneaky black ice can catch you falling without a moment’s notice. We commonly hear, “I am so afraid of falling.” Many ask what can be done to help reduce the risk of falling.

A Senior Advocate Champion

Teresa Green is part of a program that aids the elderly remain in their own homes by providing appropriate and cost-effective, non-medical support services


Live Alone & Thrive

Gwenn Voelckers discusses ‘‘Make the Most of Living Alone by ‘Letting Go"


Anne Palumbo says, "Humble Rutabaga Rocks with Nutrition"

Savvy Senior

Jim Miller looks discusses "Vaccination Options Available to Seniors this Flu Season"

My Take

George Chapman ponders "Do Hospital Mergers Drive Up Costs?" and other topics