Study: Obesity rates climbing worldwide

Worldwide, there has been a startling increase in rates of obesity and overweight in both adults (28 percent increase) and children (up by 47 percent) in the past 33 years, with the number of overweight and obese people rising from 857 million in 1980 to 2.1 billion in 2013, according to a major new analysis from the Global Burden of Disease.

Study: Many Pets Are Too Fat

Measure food portions and provide daily exercise to keep your furry companions in shape, vet advises.

Erasing the Stigma

Major strides have been made in mental health treatment and the stigma surrounding mental illness, but there’s still more ground to cover.

Meet Your Provider

Steven Kazley, Orthodontist.

New CEO Wants More Emphasis on Wellness Programs at St. Ann’s

He sees it as a new trend ­— aging boomers want to see dimensions of physical, spiritual, intellectual and social environment in any place they are going to live.

Meet Your Doctor: Jonathan W. Friedberg

Director of the Wilmot Cancer Institute explains how local research has helped fight cancer.

Cynics at Higher Risk for Dementia? Yeah, Right!

Study suggests they may be three times more likely to develop brain disease than more trusting folks.


Egg Freezing More Commonplace

Most fertility centers no longer consider egg freezing experimental and classify it as elective. Cost of banking eggs ranges from $5,000 to $6,000, plus medication and storage fees.

Post-partum Incontinence Usually Treatable

About half of women experience post-partum urinary incontinence, and between 10 and 25 percent of women experience some symptoms of anal incontinence for three to six months after delivery. About 10 percent of women experience both.

Early Menopause Affects More Than Fertility

Some women more prone to low bone mineral density, which may lead to osteoporosis.


Live Alone & Thrive

Gwenn Voelckers asks and answers ‘‘On Your Own? Do the ‘Happy’ Dance!"


Anne Palumbo is advises "Boost Your Health with Bananas"

Savvy Senior

Jim Miller looks discusses "How to Make an Online Memorial for a Departed Loved One"