Number of Hip Replacements Has Skyrocketed, Report Shows

Procedure becoming more common in younger adults, but hospital stays now a day shorter

What Stresses People the Most?

Money leads the list of major stress generators, followed by work, family responsibilities and health concerns

Happy 26th Birthday! 

In 2015, more than 280,000 young adults in New York state will turn 26, with many of them aging off of their parent’s health insurance

Helping Others Learn from Her Experiences at East House

Over 21 years ago, with no home and little support, Karen wasn’t sure where to turn. Through the recommendation of her psychiatrist, she applied for a group home situation with the Rochester-based East House. Now, Karen, 66, is thriving as an employee of East House working as a peer support specialist.

Meet Your Doctor: Robert M. McCann, M.D.

Physician talks about being recognized by the American College of Physicians and about his work at Highland, where he serves as chief of medicine 

Getting Geared Up

Group of people getting ready for a March 29 triathlon 

Managing Diabetes? There’s an App for That

Considering the intense personal effort required for effective diabetes management, phone apps offer portable, easy ways to lighten the load.

Does Your Family Strive to Eat Right?

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics designates March as National Nutrition Month. Eating a well-balanced diet helps support good health and prevent disease. 

Nancy Adams: Nearly two decades helping physicians

Medical society executive director recognized for her services 

Rochester Walks!

Brings A Fresh Take on Physical Activity to City Neighborhoods.

  Men’s Health  

Breast Cancer vs. Prostate Cancer

Why awareness of breast cancer is so much higher than that of prostate cancer?

Colonoscopy Anyone? 

Several tests can check for color cancer, however, colonoscopy remain the golden standard for prevention, say experts


Herd Immunity Protects the Community

Herd immunity — the effect of reducing the spread of communicable disease through majority vaccination — only works with “at least 92 to 94 percent immunization rate,” according to Cynthia Rand, a vaccination expert and pediatrician with University of Rochester Medical Center.

Mother: Why I Don’t Vaccinate My Youngest Daughter

Kathryn Schulz of Buffalo is the mother of four daughters ranging in ages from 6 to 18. While Schulz has chosen a traditional course of vaccinations for her oldest three children, with slight variations, she has chosen to forego vaccinating her youngest daughter, Maria, who struggles with the challenges of Down’s syndrome.

Yoga Gaining in Popularity Among Americans

Yoga is increasingly popular among U.S. adults and children, two new government surveys reveal.

Your Deli Sandwich May Come With a Side of Listeria, Study Finds

The next time you order that pastrami-on-rye at your local deli, you may get an unwanted ingredient — the illness-inducing listeria bacterium.


Savvy Senior:

Do You Need To File A Tax Return in 2015?

Smart Bites:

The Perks of Eating Pineapples

Live Alone & Thrive:

Forging a new life on your own. Need some help?

Healthcare in a Minute:

V.A. Reins in Hospital-Acquired Infections