Knitting & Cancer

How knitting is playing a role to relieve stress among cancer patients at Lipson Cancer Center. Program was started in the spring by a former patient at the center

Millions More Long-Term Care Workers Needed by 2030: Study

Biggest need is in home and personal care aides, expert says

Bionic Pancreas Offers New Hope for Type 1 Diabetics

New technology being developed at Boston University; other research, including pancreatic cell transplantation, also brings hope

The ‘July Effect’ — Real Phenomenon or Myth

A study states that medical errors increase 10 percent in teaching hospitals during the month of July as a result of new doctors coming into the profession. Experts offer a criticism of the study

Financial Fitness

How physical, financial health intertwine

Heroin Plague in the Finger Lakes

Wayne County addresses drug epidemic

How Does it Feel to Be 102?

Just Ask Stella Maliborki

Meet Your Doctor: Nicholas Jospe, M.D.

Golisano Children’s Hospital physician talks about juvenile diabetes, obesity among children and how he feels about his department being picked by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top in the county

Treadmill Can Pose Serious Danger

Emergency departments across the country report 24,400 injuries associated with treadmills

  Summer Safety  

• Sunscreen: Don’t Skip the Lips and Other Spots
• Grilling Safety 101
• Ooops! I Forgot my Prescription Drugs

  Women’s Issues  

• Can a Blood Test Predict You’ll Get Breast Cancer?
• Breast Cancer Screening After 65?
• False Breast Cancer Alarm Has Negative Impact on Health
• Menopause & Complementary Medicine
• Strong Bones After 50? Women May Not Need Next Test Until 65
• Urinary Tract Infections Harder to Treat
• Injuries From High Heels on the Rise