A Little Alcohol May Not Be Good for Your Heart After All

New gene-focused review suggests that cutting down on drinking is always heart-healthy.

Rochester Hospitals Plan to Reduce Medicaid Costs

Rochester’s health systems are leading a consortium that includes more than 200 community-based organizations throughout the region that will work together to redesign the way that health care is delivered to the region’s 320,000 Medicaid recipients.

Tips for ‘The Talk’

Learning about how to talk to parents about sex.

Meet Your Provider

Commfort Keepers of East Rochester.

I Say URMC, You Say Strong Memorial Hospital

After new name — UR Medicine — officials say they see positive results.

Meet Your Doctor: Meri Atanas

Chief of radiation oncology at Lipson: Personalized care, teamwork and a dose of holistic Eastern medicine ideal in the fight against cancer.

Highland Hospital Introduces New Cancer Treatment

Highland Hospital has completed a 14-month, $3.3 million renovation of its radiation oncology unit including new technology investments to enhance care and bring additional treatment options to cancer patients in the Rochester area.

WNY Wreckers Provides an Outlet for Wheelchair-bound

Many people who get bored with going to the gym day after day find it difficult discovering a new way to get exercise. But looking for another physical activity becomes more of a challenge when you’re a quadriplegic. Members of WNY Wreckers have a found a way to exercise that is both challenging and fun.

In Good Health Writer Publishes Weight Management Book

Deborah Sergeant, a staff writer for In Good Health and 55 PLUS, recently launched her first book, “The Big, Fat Answer,” which is a compilation of information she accumulated while
reporting on and writing about health-related topics for various publications since 2000.

Tattoo Removal: New Technique a ‘Quantum Leap’

Rochester dermatologist introduces new, quicker way to remove tattoos.

A Healthy Marriage

Studies show married couples live longer than single counterparts.

Alternative therapy can treat chronic back pain

Most Americans will experience back pain at some point in their lives, most of them because of an injury. Especially for chronic back pain sufferers apprehensive about taking medication, alternative pain management may help.


‘One-Stop Shop’

New Rochester senior center provides physical, emotional, mental support.

New Horizons Clarinet Choir Invited to Play in Baton Rouge

The Eastman Rochester New Horizons Clarinet Choir has been selected through an audition process, to perform at the International Clarinet Festival in August in Baton Rouge, La. This ensemble is the only senior citizen group ever to be invited to this prestigious venue.

Ergonomic Tools That Can Ease Gardening Pains

Arthritis, back problems, carpal tunnel pain can pose problems for those who do garden work. Some tools can help

Just Retired? Time to Get Busy

Now that you’re retired, it may feel like it’s finally time to loaf. But don’t overdo it. Just as you planned financially for retirement, you need to know how you’ll spend your time now that your time is your own.


Live Alone & Thrive

Gwenn Voelckers discusses ‘‘Finding Love in Unexpected Places"


Anne Palumbo is says, "Water-Rich Cucumbers Are Nutrient-Rich, Too"

Savvy Senior

Jim Miller looks discusses "How to Protect Your Medicare Card from Identity Theft"